Membership form

We need your skills and experiences


In addition to the form, the applicant must send to the Managing Director a reasoned written request, which is covered by the President of the Wassa Karite Board of Directors. The request must include:

  • the candidate’s motivations for joining the Network;
  • the candidate’s expectations vis-à-vis the Network;
  • the candidate’s potential contributions to achieving the objectives of the Network;
  • a firm commitment to respect the Statutes and Internal Regulations as well as the decisions regularly taken by the Network’s bodies;
  • a commitment to maintain the stability and cohesion of the Network;
  • an updated curriculum vitae of the candidate.

The Executive Management has a period of one (01) month to notify the candidate of a decision to accept or refuse the requested membership, after the Board of Directors has examined the merits of each membership request.

Membership of any new member is only effective after full payment of the annual membership fee.

Acceptance of articles 15,16,17,18 of the internal regulations.